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A Los Angeles based, independent, record label focused on promoting culturally diverse music.

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Originally founded in 1996 as a songwriting and production group, jamboe (pronounced [jum-boo] ) Entertainment worked with upcoming artists in the genres of Rap/HipHop, Dance, and Latin on various projects from demos to live stage recordings. Eventually turning into a record label and working with Atlantic Records producer Jeeve of Where's My Cut Productions, jamboe released the critically acclaimed, "Image of Devotion" album from SoulFul/Pop group, Devotion in 2000 leading to the nationwide Image of Devotion Tour 2001 where the group performed in cities across the US and Canada. Many of the songs from that album have been licensed for countless compilation CDs over the years. Today, jamboe is refocused on "Promoting Culturally Diverse Music" with the new releases from Tjendol Sunrise, the IMC Krontjong Ensemble, and the David Becker Tribune as well as other artists that are in development.

What We Do

Background Music Provider and Production Music Library

Background Music Provider

It's a new time for the independent artist and jamboe Entertainment is in the forefront providing new opportunities for exposure and promotion. Our partnerships with leaders in overhead music broadcasting means that your songs have the opportunity of being heard by millions of people a day, worldwide, in retail chains as well as restaurants and hotels throughout Australia, Canada, Italy, and the United States. Combined with Shazam, it could mean direct digital sales for you, the Artist. Click for more info!

Production Music Library

Through our publishing arm of Djamboe Music (BMI) we represent songs in various genres, tempos, and styles that allow for a wide range of possibilities in the licensing and brand marketing aspect of the music business. Our most notable placement is for the Devotion single, Talkin 2 U which appeared in the Columbia Pictures Motion Picture Release, "The Debut" and whose remix version featuring Los Angeles, HipHop duo in-cite was included on the soundtrack as well. We are currently accepting submissions to grow our instrumental offerings in all genres. Send a link to info@jamboetv.com and we'll contract you if we feel it has the potential for possible future placements.

Barcode Generation

If all you need is a barcode for your next project, we've got you covered as well offering the lowest price for a valid UPC bardcode on the web!
Visit barcode.jamboetv.com for more info.

Community Involvement

jamboe Entertainment is proud to support the following charities:

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1-800-BUY-MYCD (1-800-289-6923 )
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Featured Artists

Andy Tielman & Tjendol Sunrise

Considered to be the "Godfather" of the Indo Rock genre, Andy Tielman teamed up with current Rockers, Tjendol Sunrise to record one of his final studio albums to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his first number 1 single. Often pointed to as an influence of the Beatles, Tielman along with his band, The Tielman Brothers were at one time the highest paid touring group in Europe during the 1950's. On "21st Century Rock" along with Tjendol Sunrise, they re-create that classic Rock & Roll sound.

David Becker Tribune

Grammy Nominated, guitarist and producer, David Becker records his most personal material to date. Based on the life and times of his Mother and her family growing up in the former Dutch East Indies, before, during, and after the Japanese Invasion and Occupation during WWII. The listener will be transported back in time on an emotional journey of hope, fear, and perseverance.


World Music from the Spice Islands

Dutch ensemble Indisch Muzikanten Collectief (IMC) presents a lively album rooted in keroncong, featuring elements of bluegrass-type improv and twangy guitars with a Hawaiian flavor. For those unfamiliar with krontjong, the music frequently includes a strumming sound similar to the ukulele. The IMC Krontjong Ensemble features flute, violin, melody guitars, ukulele, a cello and string bass in pizzicato style, and a male singer with vocal pieces sung in English, Dutch, and Bahasa Indonesia.